X3D High-Rise Bedroom


Live it up with the X3D High-Rise Bedroom.

This luxury bedroom can be used as a hotel, apartment, or private bedroom, and comes with astounding detail so your characters will look their best, wherever they live, work, rest, or travel.

Get X3D High-Rise Bedroom today!

  • All props are rigged and/or have morphs to open for example the door or the drawers.
  • All props that have a wood texture come with 2-3 alternative wood materials.
  • The roller blinds can be raised and lowered.
  • All props are broken down into material surfaces based on their materials. This means that the fabric, plastic, wood, and metal on an object can all be changed separately.
  • The Hallway is separate and can be removed. It is suitable for rendering the scene with an open door.
  • The bedroom can also be rendered from the outside. Subsets with a stacked view are also available and can be used as a hotel or high-rise building.
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