Wasteland Plants – High Resolution Instant Eco Systems


Wasteland Plants - High Resolution Instant Eco Systems is the perfect way to add a whole ecosystem of weeds and dry plants to your scenes.

This handy bundle of high detail and high poly models and scene subsets ( using instances of the models to bulk things up) is a perfect way to add foreground or mid ground detail to your scene in just a couple of clicks.

An advantage of the scene subset files is that you can open up the various instances in side the subset once loaded, and individual reposition them to insure that they are at the correct height, and re arrange to your hearts content. Once done, to save some resources, make them invisible in the scene tab whilst you work on other items in your scene and then when your ready to render or test render you can make them viable again and render your scene.

These great plant models have been created to use as a stand alone bundle of plants, or to blend perfectly in to my other plant bundles.

This fast way of adding a whole ecosystem of plants to the foreground of your render is a must-have -- Wasteland Plants will save you hours of arranging and copying plant models!





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