Tassia for Sahira 8 and Genesis 8 Female


Welcome Tassia into your library!

This custom morphed (ZBrush) female character for your Sahira 8 figure and also comes with custom morphs for Genesis 8 Female, so you have even more variety to chose from. That means you will get two complete characters! The Sahira look is more stylized, which makes her perfect for comics and animations.

Her skin is peachy and soft but has enough detail for close-up renders. Additionally, there are bruises and scar MATs included so Tassia is well prepared for the pirate or fighter themed render party, plus Dirt LIEs and a tattoo LIE to finis you character.

As a bonus, you will find two creole props in your purchase, which make Tassia the perfect pirate girl.

There's nothing you can't do with Tassia for Sahira 8 and Genesis 8 Female!





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