Syn- Exotic- Dancer- G3F


- Syn For G3F - is a brand new Character pack for Genesis 3 Female

I have envisioned Syn to be an exotic dancer, with long slender legs, toned body and all the right curves. You, of course, need not display her as a dancer. You will find she can wear many hats so to speak and fit into almost any situation or style you need her for!

Syn comes with 2 custom skin sets (Flawless & weathered. The weathered skin has age spots, moles, stretch marks and blemishes and the flawless skin is clean, sleek and fresh)

Syn Includes:

5 eyelash presets
10 eyecolor presets (Plus a default preset that you can make any color using the Diffuse node)
square and round nail morphs and 19 total nail presets.
10 Makeup presets for both skin sets
10 L.I.E. Lipstick presets (not only can you use them on Syn, but they can also be used on ANY G3F Figure!)




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