Sparkle Shaders for Iray

Sparkle Shaders for Iray


A popular classic, now for Iray! Four beautiful sparkly designs in sixty five (65) colors each. These 260 are full Iray Uber shader presets, just pick one you like, adjust the scale with one of the nine included tile scale presets if needed, and render! The starry design also has five transparency level partial presets and three star strength partials. The velvet design includes four partial presets to add a metallic dot design in gold, silver, or copper, or remove it if desired. Base textures are all greyscale but each color has been carefully crafted, the majority of the effect is done with glossiness so these are are not simple diffuse color changes. Always test render to see the true colors- the view-port is deceiving, especially with the special bi-color and tri-color presets.

Changes from the 3Delight version: Updated texture maps to work better with Iray, and these will not overwrite the originals so you can have both installed without worry. Starry transparency is now done with partial presets and has more level options, and strength of the stars can now be changed with partials. Metallic design on the velvet is now done with partial presets and has 2 more color options. All 4 designs have received three new colors: gold, silver, and copper.




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