Recipe Builder and Loader for UHT2

Recipe Builder and Loader for UHT2


UHT2 Recipe Builder and Loader are Add-On scripts for UHT2: Ultimate Color, that will let you save and share the settings you select to create your custom hair layers. You will use the script called UHT2 !Recipe Builder instead of the UHT2 !Color Mixer. This is so that all of the layers settings can be saved. By making all of your selections in one session, you will be able to save those settings to a data file that are called Recipe Cards. Using the UHT2 !Recipe Loader script, you can load saved Recipe Cards that you created or obtained from someone else.

This product requires that you have UHT2: Ultimate Color and it is installed in the same library.

This script will work with any addon textures or masks. If you do not have the addon that someone else used, then the UHT2 !Recipe Loader script will tell you it could not find the file and is unable to process that layer.

Included are 5 Recipe Cards to get you started.

Required Products: UHT2: Ultimate Color



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