Low Resolution Tropical Trees and Shrubs


Ever wanted to populate a whole mangrove swamp  or tropical trees and shrubs to really add bulk to your scene with out over growing your computer with polygons?

Low Resolution Tropical Trees and Shrubs provides the means to do this and much more!

This excellent plant set provides twenty low polygon models of mangrove, ficus and sea grape, found in and around tropical beaches and islands. These make perfect fillers where a large number of trees are needed with out overloading the scene and using up valuable resources.

The included tropical trees and shrubs are specially designed to marry in with many of my other bundles of trees, shrubs and tropical plants, and provide a seamless back drop to a hero tree or plant. Also great for instancing and in instancing plugins too, and with the scene subsets provided you can literally populate a whole ground plane in seconds!

These plants are low resolution and as such designed to be used in the mid range to back ground of your scene, whilst having all the realistic materials and look of more detailed high resolution plants available in other packs. As always a little goes a very long way, slight variations in the y rotation value and scale for each plant or instance will greatly increase the variation you can get out of one tree model.

Low Resolution Tropical Trees and Shrubs are perfect for your pirate coves, tropical rain forests, swamps and jungle edge, and will add bulk and lush greenery to any render!

Also included are ten scene subsets using instances of the trees, from distant hero clumps to larger areas of tree cover, simply add them to your scene, and adjust the various instances and models contained if you need to re arrange height or placement. These provide an ecosystem in a couple of mouse clicks!





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