Hiding Out Poses for Genesis 8


Hunted? Running from the law? Or trying to escape being consumed by a hoard of zombies? Hiding Out Poses for Genesis 8 are a collection of 3D digital poses for your Genesis 8 Female and Male characters that work in conjunction with the Militia Outpost scenery/prop set that bring that sense of urgency that comes with staying hidden.

There are 8 two-person vignette pose presets, some of which include an additional pose preset to put the door, windows, or locker doors in the correct position for those vignette. The poses range from the ennui that comes from waiting while hiding out, to vigilant standing guard again the impending assault, to waiting for that all-important signal, to that final betrayal.

Hiding Out Poses will captivate your audience and convey all the drama and action you crave in your renders!

All pose presets in this set send the figures to exact locations in and around the Militia Outpost set, and as always, FeralFey poses are fact checked for gravity, balance, and realism.

Required Products: Militia Outpost





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