FD Pencil Dress for G3F

FD Pencil Dress for G3F


This piece is THE MUST HAVE in every girls wardrobe.
A classic dress with a straight cut, yet very versatile in color and texture.

What's included:

With this product you'll get 1 conforming dress figure with 10 different texture sets.
One of them is the DIY - Dye it yourself look, which is a color neutral texture set, that allows you to colorize the dress to any color you like.

On top, the dress comes with packaging, so you'll also get a shopping bag prop; default or smart propped and a box set, with a visible or unvisible present ribbon.
the box set is a scene subset containing the following props, that are also loadable as single props:
-The dress box with a morph to open the paper
-The folded pencil dress
-A card certificate
-The lid





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