dForce Combat Suit V for Genesis 8 Females


To be used with dForce and Iray.

The Combat Suit V is a multi-part Sci-Fi themed battle armor for your Genesis 8 Females to use in all scenes battle (and otherwise). It's creation was inspired by a particular contemporary graphic novel, in which simple citizens are pushed into dire situations where they need to perform deeds of great heroism in order to survive. If your Genesis 8 Females ever land themselves in such a situation, this kit is something that will definitely better their odds at coming through.

This kit comes with multiple individual parts to mix and match the wardrobe items as desired. And all the items contain Iray materials crafted with a black latex theme like the source material from which they are conceptualized after.

While the bodysuit contains dForce simulation materials, you can use it even without simulating the scene to good effect.


What you will get with this pack.

For Genesis 8 Females:

- !Full Set Combat Suit V
- Combat Suit V Body
- Combat Suit V Gloves
- Combat Suit V LeftLeggings
- Combat Suit V LeftThigh
- Combat Suit V RightLeggings
- Combat Suit V RightThigh
- OmegaBlade V LeftHand
- OmegaBlade V RightHand
- Iray Materials for all wardrobe items with basic illumination options and sword grip poses.





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