Bus Stop Poses for Genesis 8


Is your Genesis 8 character ready to take a bus out of town, or perhaps they're commuting around downtown? Or maybe they're out touring the different landscapes of your imagination? Give your Genesis men and women something to do while they're waiting for that bus to arrive.

This 3D digital pose set contains 6 two-person vignette poses, and 1 four-person vignette pose, and also includes single stance versions of each pose zeroed out on the X & Z axes. In addition, for your convenience, you will also find FeralFey's Vignette Handle to help you move your characters to where you want them in your scene. Simply load the handle, parent whatever figure(s) you are wanting to use, and then either manually move the handle in your scene, or use any of the included 14"go-to position" poses for the POI Bus Stop 1 set. (The FeralFey Vignette Handle will work with ANY "go-to position" poses in her sets.)





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