Boxing Trunks G3M for Genesis 3 Male


"Boxing Trunks G3M for Genesis 3 Male" - name says it all. This shorts was made in conjunction with Boxing Gloves for Genesis 3 Male in mind.
If you already got the gloves, you should add these trunks to your collection!

"Boxing Trunks G3M for Genesis 3 Male" features more than dozens of pre-made textures in styles of single color, flames, dragons and flags,
with an ability to change the waistband and side-seam separated from main fabric.
Brand label is attached to the waistband and has its own dedicated surface setting to be ON/OFF at user's discretion
Also, all these surfaces will be provided with PSD template for your customization

"Boxing Trunks G3M for Genesis 3 Male" also has pre-defined morph settings. They'll help with shaping/posing of trunks.

Again, highly recommended to use with my "Boxing Gloves G3F for Genesis 3 Male"!




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