Ancient Egyptian Oasis Bundle


Best to stop here and rest, fair renderers, at the Ancient Egyptian Oasis Bundle!

This fair and fine Bundle has much more than the mysterious Ahkenaten for Genesis 8 Male and Aiisha HD for Genesis 8 Female -- it also comes with the mystifying Oasis Dream environment, the Tetracovine Original Creature (as a fantasy mount, perhaps), a dForce Priestess Outfits, a Pose pack and an HD Mummy Pose pack to complete the Bundle.

If your characters are parched, stuck in the desert, or on any other adventurous journey through Ancient Lands, best get them the Ancient Egyptian Oasis Bundle!

  • dForce Uadjet Priestess of Egypt Outfit for Genesis 8 Female
  • The Cursed One Poses for The Mummy HD
  • Mst Akhenaten HD for Genesis 8 Male
  • Aiisha HD For Genesis 8 Female
  • Egyptian Poses For Genesis 8 Male
  • Oasis Dream
  • Tetracovine Original Creature with Fur and Accessories



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